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What makes photography something of  genuine worth is the joy it brings.

Jonathan Arnold

Jonathan Arnold


My passion in photography started when I was young, watching my dad with his 35mm camera. Playing with our family's video camera, my brother and I created family films with train sets, puppets, and we even created silent films. In the 8th grade I was the school news media editor. Using transitions and craftily piecing clips together I made it more of a comedy than news.


I was a lead lighting and sound technician for my high school auditorium. I learned the art of timing and created a skill for anticipating actions at the precise moments to create a memorable scene. Combining this skill with my hobby as a photographer has allowed me to capture magical moments.

My passion for traveling has paired well with my hobbies, especially photography. As a nature photographer, I strive to bring my audiences the beauty of our world. This is why it is my goal to bring your audiences the beauty of your hard work and the landscapes you create.

We use a wide range of software suites to ensure our customers receive professional, quality work.



Adobe Photoshop is our leading fine editing software for photography.


Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is our powerhouse video editing platform.


Movie Studio

Along with Adobe Premiere Pro we use Vegas Movie Studio Platinum by MAGIX for additional FX.



Adobe Lightroom allows us to quickly make minor photography edits.


Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush allows us to make quick videos with simple editing tools ready for the web.



Adobe Spark is our preferred method to create slideshow videos ready for the web.



Adobe Audition is our audio editing platform.

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